Raffle Ticket Templates



Raffle Ticket Templates

Wouldn't it be great if you could print your own raffle tickets at home or at the office? It would be very difficult to accomplish this task without the right equipment.

You would need a numbering machine as well as equipment to perforate the ticket stubs and a paper knife to cut the finished tickets.

You can now print raffle tickets at home or at the office when you use our raffle ticket templates and raffle ticket paper from Blanks USA. Do it yourself and keep more of the raffle profits for your team or organization.

The raffle ticket paper is pre-numbered and pre-perfed and is available in two different sizes (Large Tickets - 2 3/4" x 8 1/2", Small Tickets - 2 1/8" x 5 1/2") with 20 different paper colors for each size.

Our raffle ticket templates are available in Corel Draw 15 and 7 formats as well as Word format. Download the free template of your choice, open it in Word or Corel Draw and customize your choice of fonts, logos, clipart, graphics and colors.

Your finished file can then be printed on most inkjet or laser printers. After printing you can easily separate the tickets which are micro-perforated or hand out to team members to sell by the sheet or let them separate the raffle tickets as they are sold.

Raffle Ticket Template 1

Large Raffle Ticket Templates - 1


Large Raffle Ticket Templates - 2

Large Raffle Ticket Templates - 2


Raffle Ticket Templates - 3

Large Raffle Ticket Template - 3


Raffle Ticket Template 4

Large Raffle Ticket Templates - 4


Small Raffle Ticket Templates - 1

Small Raffle Ticket Templates - 1


Small Raffle Ticket Template - 2

Small Raffle Ticket Template - 2


Small Raffle Ticket Templates - 3

Small Raffle Ticket Templates - 3


Rafflet Ticket Template 4

Small Raffle Ticket Templates - 4


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